Bark at La Luna Margarita

-an original cocktail by Jimmy

Bark at La Luna Margarita Photo

1 ½ ounces Luna Sueño Tequila Blanco, Cuádruple Destilado 
1 ½ ounces mango margarita mixer 
1 ounce sour mix 
8 dashes Angostura Aromatic Bitters 
4 dashes Fee Brothers Orange Bitters 
2 tablespoons coarse sugar 
1 teaspoon plus a pinch ground cinnamon 
Long cinnamon stock for garnish 
Orange peel twist for garnish 


Slice the end of an orange and use to wet the rim of a margarita glass. Mix the sugar and ground cinnamon in a bowl and turn the wet rim of the glass through the mixture to coat. Add your cinnamon stick and orange twist garnish to the empty glass. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Combine the tequila, bitters, pinch of cinnamon, mango and sour mixes and shake vigorously over ice. Strain into your prepared glass. 

Jimmy’s Big Hint

Luna Sueño Tequilas can and should also be enjoyed neat. Please drink responsibly.