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Rochester Plate Sauce, 18oz Box
Rochester Plate Sauce, 18oz Box
We're sorry to see it go, but this product is officially and happily RETIRED a beach in an undisclosed location.
BUT we're still cooking up more hot sauce than ever before!
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Customer Reviews
Great Sauce
  Now I don't have to drive six hours to get a garbage plate. The sauce is awesome. I have ordered three times now and each time it is perfect. I highly recommend it.
  Reviewed by:  Patrick from Boston, Ma . on 4/30/2014
Approved by ROC native
  Wow. Speechless. My bf is a Rochester native who's relocated down South. Of course, he's a plate fanatic and he misses it so much. Not anymore!!! He was VERY skeptical when I said I'd make him a plate for dinner...After the first taste, his words were (and I quote) "THIS IS DAMN GOOD! HOW DID YOU DO IT???" I've visited the ROC many times and I've had plates at all the venerated locations and I can confirm that yes, this is the REAL DEAL.
  Reviewed by:  Emily from Dallas, Texas. on 7/5/2013
A Roch Cha Cha Favorite!
  Every teaspoon, tablespoon, and bowl full will fill you with not only a flavorful plate sauce, but brings you home to Rochester. This is a great sauce and a great product! Will be buying plenty more for the years to come! Each package comes with recipes and a handwritten note...What businesses can you say do that?
  Reviewed by:  Christopher Bennett from FL. on 7/13/2012
  Excellent sauce. This will take you back to your Rochester college days! Stock up!
  Reviewed by:  Mike Attebery from Seattle, WA. on 6/21/2012
Plate Lover...............
  Hats off to the Rochester Plate Sauce team, just made two plates for dinner and man this sauce ROCKS !!!!! I'm in Rochester and know a few plates good plate here, but noting better a home made plate. This sauce is outstanding. Thanks it's a great sauce..........
  Reviewed by:  Dale F. from The Home and City of the plates, Rochester, NY. on 5/8/2012
  This stuff is awesome. If you want to taste something that brings you back to when you were younger, this is it. The instructions faithfully recreate the experience of Nick's. Try this stuff!
  Reviewed by:  Joe from East of Rochester, New York. on 4/19/2012
Everyone loved the plates!
  Jimmy has done a fantastic job with this sauce!! I told the guys we were having garbage plates for my Final Four party and they thought I was going through the trouble of getting take-out from Nick's. No need for that anymore! Everyone loved the plates! I still live in Rochester but I will make sure this sauce stays in the cupboard for those days when the hangover keeps me at home! Now if I could just get the colorful staff and patrons of Nick's to hang out at my place, I'd never eat there again!
  Reviewed by:  Gus Hall from Rochester, NY. on 4/6/2012
Best Sauce There Is
  After growing up and spending many years in Rochester NY I enjoyed some of the best sauces there are, my favorite being Nick Tahou's. Now I live in Florida and there is nothing even close to this sauce. Rochester Plate Sauce is by far the best I have ever had and so easy to use in the microwave pouches. I'm hooked and on my 3rd. order.
  Reviewed by:  Michael Jacobs from Cape Coral, Florida. on 4/5/2012