About Us

How did a food craving turn into a business?  It began with my developing passion for Rochester’s most famous food – the Garbage Plate at Nick Tahou Hots. After moving from the ROC for a job, my Plate craving was instantaneous. If you know, then you know. After many years of refining my own recipe, I took Plate culinary law into my own hands and Rochester Plate Sauce was born just in time for Superbowl in 2012. 


Aside from the great flavor, what made is special was its film-pouch packaging that allowed it to sell directly to retail customers coast to coast without spoiling or breaking any glass jars. It even made the trip to Camp Deh Dadi II, Afghanistan, as the centerpiece of a special meal that gave our American servicemen and women a little taste of home.


After three short years of launching Rochester Plate Sauce in the retail/ecommerce space, I developed a fresh meat hot sauce for the Rochester foodservice market, sold exclusively through Palmer’s Food Services, which has been going strong ever since, proudly served by establishments of all sizes including small independent restaurants, food trucks, golf courses, catering services, hotels, hospitals, stadium concessions, and universities. Sold under the Hot Line Foods brand, this fresh meat hot sauce boasts a delicious flavor you would expect in the heart of Western NY as well as batch-over-batch, year-over-year consistent quality – key to any restaurant kitchen worthy of our patronage.


Keep an eye out for the occasional limited-edition batch of fresh hot sauce sold at NYStyleDeli.com from the good people at Calabresella’s who ship fresh Zweigle hots and other Rochester favorites around the country every day.

- Jim